5 Mistakes You Could Make On Airsoft Field

Today we are going to see 5 mistakes that everyone made in their debut. As you read them, analyze yourself to identify which ones stand in your way.


Inexperience is misjudging your opponent and believing him to be stupid and predictable, underestimating his abilities.


Do not overestimate your capacities and your means, nor those of your adversaries. Be humble, have fun and be the smartest.


When we lose patience, we get angry and our actions result from these same emotions. Actions taken by emotions are almost always regretted. Anticipate as much as possible and be patient.


Avoid attacking the opponent when he is particularly aggressive or in a position of obvious strength. Be aware that tactically, retreat is a great way to temper an unfavorable situation. Gather your forces, analyze the situation and adapt.


Those who win make decisions quickly, and rarely change them except cautiously. On the other hand those who lose, make decisions slowly, and modify them often. Most players prefer to rely on judgmental opinions, without using practical plans.
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