How to camouflage in Airsoft?

How to camouflage in Airsoft?

Today, we decided to help you, if you want to push your limits in concealment and total invisibility. Of course, if you play in CQB SpeedGame, this technique will not work miracles.

You've probably already said to yourself: I loved becoming visible, it should be cool to see and hear people without them having the slightest idea of ​​my presence. Let's be honest, have you ever dreamed of this scene in everyday life?

It's an art, not just an advantage. I prefer to equip myself freely you would say. Totally! The outfit is a personal choice and that's up to you. However, if you want to camouflage yourself effectively, I have created the rule of 5 for you.

A rule that will allow you, if you really want it, to become a real bush, something completely invisible devoid of human forms, the time of a game. Each of its rules are used by snipers, the real ones, those who can change the world with a bullet in the right place. Of course, I didn't really invent the rule, but I've brought together the 5 techniques that have been found to be effective in the middle of a real confrontation, where mistakes are not allowed.

You will have a sort of superpower, an advantage over your enemies during a game of Airsoft.

1: Change your appearance, and associate it with your party locations.

Spare less useful gear that doesn't serve to blend in with your surroundings. Keep the essentials. Less is often more.

A ghillie is the best example for anything in nature. If you don't have the budget to get one, stay tuned, we'll show you how to make your own ghillie one day. For those who don't know what a ghillie is, here is the definition that seems the most accurate to us:

Ghillie suit (or simply ghillie): it is the camouflage uniform of snipers. It consists of a base of camouflage net on which natural or synthetic vegetation is added. But if you know, the super-cap that Harry Potter uses to make him invisible. It's the same except for two or three details.

The kickingmustang video on Youtube would be the best example: Watch video >

2: Camouflage your line.

For this second step, nothing could be simpler. Use synthetic netting or camouflage tape.

Preferably green, which you will apply on your replica, at best, matching your ghillie. Now we move on to step 3.

3: Make up your face.

Simple like the previous one. The goal of this practice is to reproduce reality as well as possible. So don't stick your head on the ground or against a bramble bush to hide your face. Instead, bring a military make-up pad. You also don't need to follow EnjoyPhoenix tutorials to apply your makeup.

Each army having each a different camouflage, in certain operations, use this method to reproduce the same one on their head.

4: Use an ambient environment.

Indeed, it is easier to hide there, to increase your chances and those of your team. You must act quickly and efficiently. Something associated with your outfit. (Camouflage depending on location.)

Example: forest, bush, pile of leaves..

5: Learn to be silent.

In the latter case, you must reproduce at an advanced level more advanced techniques of soldiers to be incognito. It will also help you to be more observant.

Use your hand gestures to communicate on the go. The less noise you make, the better. If you can, stay put. You have surely understood, to be a leaf you literally have to make the leaf.

Let's recap, unlike your allies, the rule of 5 will drastically improve your discretion if you perfectly master each rule listed above.

Now that you know the rule of 5, you need something to apply it in part. We advise you to take a look at our camouflage collection, the most useful accessories and outfits are listed there.

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