How to create your Ghillie Suit for Airsoft

How to create your Ghillie Suit for Airsoft

I would like to give you my advice so that you can create your Chewbacca outfit simply, I am obviously talking about the ghillie suit. A few rules before you start:

Rule 1: It is better, if you don't have the right shade, to be a little darker than too light.

Rule 2: Preparing your ghillie is an art, it can't be done in 5min.

Rule 3: Do your ghillie for others and not for yourself. You should always seek the advice of other more experienced people except your enemies who might not be sincere ;).

Rule 4: You have to create an ecosystem on your ghillie to the point of making your enemy want to pick a daisy. Now let's move on to the big steps:

1: Analyze your land according to the weather and the season

Analyzing your terrain is the first step to start designing your ghillie. Are there trees? Ferns? Tall grass? Green moss? Are you in spring or fall? What are the most favorable places for your discretion?

2: Choose at least 5 types of vegetation

Once you have taken the time to analyze your terrain, choose 5 types of vegetation to put consistently on your outfit. For a brief moment, you become a kind of landscape gardener. Collect the equivalent of a hundred leaves of different sizes, colors, and different shapes.

3: The outfit

See the ghillie >

Use a light outfit or a ghillie viper hood with elastic as in the image to place your vegetation. The important thing is to be able to easily add vegetation to the outfit. It must also be light because the weight of the vegetation weighs down the ghillie considerably.

4: Plant your outfit

The trickiest step is having to vegetate your outfit. We advise you to use small fine iron wires to fix the leaves, and jute for the more fragile vegetation. You will need at least 5 types of vegetation on your ghillie depending on the variety of environment. Remember to lay the sheets the right way up, the sheets are usually less colored underneath and it could give you away. Take your time, a good hour is needed to have an ultra realistic ghillie that doesn't lose its leaves as soon as you put it on. Do the same for your bob or balaclava. After 1 hour of getting upset and breaking half of the leaves you harvested trying to fix them, you're almost done. Only after, put your finalized ghillie in the vegetation, you will be able to see if there are modifications to be made. It must be credible even at a distance of 1 meter.

BONUS: And the line?

To camouflage your replica, you can use camouflage adhesive available in our shop. Also add twigs of grass along the length that you attach with rubber bands.

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