Comment bien débuter dans l'Airsoft ?

How to start well in Airsoft?

Being by nature a curious person, always looking for escape and immersion, here you are discovering cool videos on Airsoft. After a few minutes of viewing, the irresistible urge to shoot the marble and finally practice your CSGO movement techniques arrives.

For many years, Airsoft has been attracting more and more people. We owe this visibility mainly to a few great Youtubers, who film their games by highlighting immersion and relaxation. Want to make it your favorite pastime? Here are the basics you need to know before getting started.

What is Airsoft?

Simply put: it is an activity that requires physical and/or mental effort and is governed by a number of rules and customs. It is played in teams or individually. Several values ​​are required to practice Airsoft such as competitiveness, fair play, organization, reflection, brotherhood and respect for others.

Safety first

In each civilization, sport, profession, there are rules that serve as a safety valve for the smooth running of the latter. We recommend that you always show maturity and responsibility when entering an Airsoft field. Without them, Airsoft wouldn't exist and we'd all be playing with water guns.

A sport that accepts you as you are:

What's great about Airsoft are these freedoms:

  • From the choice of land: In France, there are a large number of sites intended for this practice. They welcome all respectful people, even minors under certain conditions, regardless of your gender, as long as you respect the rules of safety and courtesy. Parties are usually held on weekends and during holidays. A financial contribution is to be expected (around 10€) to pay certain costs such as: maintenance of the grounds, the organizers, or certain insurances.

  • Of choice of equipment: you can very well equip yourself as you see fit to start (protective glasses are mandatory). We still advise you to protect yourself with other equipment such as: knee/elbow pads, a mesh mask, a repro helmet, as well as a pair of sturdy shoes or boots.

  • From the choice of replicas: it doesn't matter if you want to play fist or shoulder replica, whether you prefer one brand over another, or how you customize your replica. Please note: there are, however, safety rules to respect such as the power of the replicas, full auto mode (in some cases), the shooting distance and other rules.

  • The frequency of play : if you want to play occasionally, or more frequently and without being attached to a team, you can opt for "freelance" which is a solitary game mode. Do not hesitate to discuss it with the organizers of the party to ask for information.

Received ideas :

A number of received ideas circulate on Airsoft and here is a compilation to better oppose arguments that will even allow you, why not, to train new followers in your wake!

"Airsoft is for men"

Of course not ! Even if a majority of the members are male, Airsoft is open to all, men and women, of all socio-professional categories and of all ages (even minors under certain conditions).

The spirit that reigns within the teams is that of camaraderie and conviviality. It's open to the curious and/or passionate and we even make friends there!

"It takes paperwork and special permissions to own a replica"

Provided you don't own a real RPG-7, the power of your replica does not exceed 2 joules. If you are of legal age, you can therefore obtain one that does not exceed 2 joules.

However, transporting a replica requires certain precautions, especially since the state of emergency has been declared. It must therefore be transported stored in a suitable cover or suitcase (case) (preferably with the invoice), which will allow you at the same time to protect it from possible shocks.

"The impact of the marbles is painful"

The maximum airsoft ball weight is 0.46 grams. They are mostly made with a base of corn starch or a mixture of resin and barley fragments. There are also plastic ones but they tend to disappear because of their harmfulness on the environment. Lead and metal are totally prohibited to avoid any incident.

The maximum power of an Airsoft replica is 2 joules for 350 FPS. Suffice to say that even if the balls are light, their impact on certain parts of the body can cause a slight pain, a sharp pinch.

And then, you don't play naked! All you need to do is cover up and put on a tactical vest to protect yourself from impacts. Social distancing rules help prevent injuries.

"It's dangerous, I saw a report on BFM"

You should know that fear is the job of the media, because fear sells. It would be wrong to say that the practice of Airsoft does not involve risks. Like any sporting activity, falls or injuries exist. Regarding the use of replicas, it is necessary to respect the safety rules in place and those recommended by the organizers to avoid all injuries, whether minor or even serious.

Eye protection is compulsory. The minimum imposes approved glasses, but you can complete them with a mask, a helmet and everything that will reinforce this protection, including even the face and the mouth for optimal safety.

Concerning the body (knees, elbows and hands in particular), do not hesitate to use the appropriate protections, that is to say knee pads, elbow pads and gloves. Indeed, wearing resistant clothing will protect you from falls or scratches in the great outdoors.

Don't forget that you will have to practice the game on rough terrain such as forests, woods... and that falls are commonplace when, in the heat of the moment, you have to hide from the opposing team or run away to avoid the impact of the marbles.

Wearing a pair of suitable shoes is more than recommended, this will prevent you from sprains or strains.

"It's too expensive, I can't afford it"

Today, the market has developed considerably and you will easily find a fair compromise combining security and "professionalism" at affordable prices.

SoftGun offers you affordable and aesthetic equipment for beginners and experts. Discover our entire range of products ranging from outfits , protections , vests and vest equipment .

It is over time and practice that you will be able to equip yourself according to your needs and desires, your way of playing and your role in the team.

How to get started?

To start in Airsoft, you just have to look for an association on the internet or on social networks. There are usually several per department, so you should have no trouble finding one near you. You can very well join a Facebook group on Airsoft to ask your questions or request information. You can join ours which has several hundred members, " Le groupe d'Airsoft francophone SoftGun ".

Wonderful encounters

Apart from all this information, Airsoft is also a beautiful family. A sport that allows us to play everywhere in France and even elsewhere, to create links, teams, in order to have fun and forget about our week.

We hope this article has given you a solid foundation to start Airsoft! Do not hesitate to read our other articles to deepen your knowledge.

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