How to make your Airsoft outfit more realistic?

How to make your Airsoft outfit more realistic?

The problem with a new outfit, or at least the downside, even if it's military surplus, is that it's often too clean to look truly authentic.

Let's be clear, we all want to make it more realistic, as if we had been on a battlefield for at least 4 months dodging shells and the only place to sleep was a spoon dug underground.

But, your clothes are soft as silk, smell of wild rose and are in immaculate condition. Suffice to say that at the level of realism, we can do much better. Fortunately, it is possible to artificially age your outfit so as not to look like it came straight from the tailor's.

Here are some tips:

1: Throw dirt, sand and water on your outfit and your tactical vest and rub it all with a brush to distribute the colors evenly. This is the time for your equipment and your outfit to go live, in other words, to experience their worst moments of the day.

2: Put your pride aside for a moment and roll on the ground, preferably on damp ground. The fabrics will take on the color of the floor and the materials that go with it.

3: Rub your vest with a white stone or chalk. To give an effect of fading or simply rubbing against a ratchet.

4: Add camo stickers to your replicas and accessories to give them a lived-in feel, optimizing your camouflage as you go.

5: Use special fabric paint to add an extra touch of aging.

6: If you want to go so far as to add an olfactory touch to your outfit (we promise, we won't judge), simply wash it as little as possible.

If you apply all the aging techniques listed above to the letter, you have a good chance of aging your equipment and accessories by at least 5 years. Remember all the same not to degrade the life expectancy of the latter.

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