The DYWS, a family above all

We proposed to the DWYS to concoct a blog article to share with our community their knowledge as well as their vision of Airsoft. We also let them speak freely about their choice, always within the Airsoft theme. It is a pleasure for us to be able to share it with our community. Don't hesitate to support this team on social networks!

Presentation :

The DYWS Team: Greetings to all marble enthusiasts!

We are happy to introduce you to our team of Airsoft enthusiasts: the * DYWS *

To present it simply, the team is made up of 3 members: Quentin, Antonin and Charly, known by the code names of DYWS01, 02 and 03. All 3 of us have a game experience of over 4 years with a past of organizer for our good old DYWS03, Charly. The DYWS is not just a team, it's a second family for us where we share the same passion and the same delusions.

We mainly play in the Rhône-Alpes region but above all we like to travel, discover land and meet players all over France. Our favorite area?... CQB land.

How can we define Airsoft?

Simply a sporting and associative activity simulating military situations where lethal weapons are replaced by replicas firing 6 mm plastic balls.

Nah more sincerely...

For us, Airsoft is a source of escape where we can mix the relaxing and sporty side with the immersion side. We assimilate Airsoft to a sport where fair play, respect, team spirit and cohesion are the key words. Nothing better than living a day of play, full of adrenaline and shared pleasure! Airsoft is also an activity causing many meetings where players meet and discuss their gaming experiences and their equipment. A convivial moment where bonds of friendship are woven…. and it's Airsoft!

We had the opportunity to discover many lands, travel across France from North to South via Paris, La Rochelle, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Fréjus, Grenoble and mainly Lyon, our stronghold. We are mainly looking to play on CQB grounds making our game more dynamic and tactical with many impact points. We are not going to describe one of our best parts and one of our worst because each of us has our favorite. The objective is to play as a team and follow the proposed scenarios. So yes, there are necessarily scenarios that have us less excited than others but we always have good memories of our days!

A few tips :

If you are new to Airsoft, we can give you some tips!

Be careful, we are not the voice of reason: get advice where you can because there will always be better ones. First of all, as a beginner, take advantage of your game days to chat with the people you meet. This is an opportunity to collect advice and information for equipment and even for land. It's also an opportunity to forge links with regulars to develop your playing experience, techniques and why not to make a bunch of friends!

That's how our team was formed, two cousins ​​who met a guy in the field who gradually became a friend and then a member of our Airsoft family. Second point, for a beginner, the budget is a crucial element. You have to choose your replica wisely, it is not necessary to spend astronomical sums from the start. Be careful, having good stuff will not make you a good player. Your motivation, your honesty and your fair play, that's what will make you a good player! A good Airsofteur is a person who agrees to take balls with a smile, which contributes to the smooth running and good atmosphere of the game.

The year 2021:

2021 has been an enriching year where the team has been able to develop its creativity and credibility. First, a partnership was born. We were lucky to be contacted by professionals offering us their know-how and their experiences in order to improve our equipment and our gaming experience. This partnership allows us to promote the work of two craftsmen who have distinguished themselves in the through their skills and professionalism.

Recently on our Instagram , we carried out a contest in collaboration with "AEROGRAPHE AIRSOFT CUSTOM" which brought its know-how for the production of our personalized Glock 17 which we subsequently won on our page (DYWSinc).

A CQB project:

Recently, the DYWS joined a multi-association group composed of 3 teams (RSOA, BSA, TCHOUBA DEFENDER) located in the East of Lyon and more precisely in the town of Pont-de-Chéruy in Isère. This group now bears the name “FUNKY FACTORY”. The objective: to bring life to a CQB Lyonnais field, maintained and animated by 4 teams in order to create sharing and pleasure between Airsoft enthusiasts.

A final word:

Finally, other projects are being considered and organized, but these will remain secret for the time being. We invite you to follow us on our networks to discover the thrilling clues as they come. We thank SoftGun for allowing us to write this article. We also take this opportunity to salute and thank our partners who provide us with incredible support and whose number we hope to see, one day, increase... :)

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