What is Paracord?


The most popular Paracord bracelet:

Very well known to the general public in recent years, the Paracord bracelet is a braided accessory that unravels to provide a solid rope of several meters. Used in the army since the dawn of time, it has become an essential accessory for hikers and explorers. All-terrain, ultra-strong, multifunctional that can save your life during your escapades off the beaten track.
A paracord bracelet is braided to make it as compact as possible. The initial goal is not to unroll it and reassemble it every morning but rather to take it out on the day when it really sucks...

Where is it needed ?

A survival bracelet is designed to deal with most extreme situations you might face in a forest, on a mountain top but especially in your OP.

What exactly is Paracord?

Paracord means "parachute cord" because soldiers during World War II used to salvage the cord from their parachute lines to use as shoelaces, to extend the sling and much more. Paracord is a multi-strand nylon cord capable of supporting more than 200kg depending on the model.

In which situations to use it?

Here are various examples valid both in OP and in hiking:

- Tie a tarp or survival blanket to a tree to create a roof

- Use the inner fibers to create a fishing line or a trap - for animals

- Make a shoelace

- Use inner fibers to create dental floss

- Use the inner fibers to create a suture (for human injury or to repair torn tissue)

- Replace a broken knife handle

- Make a clothesline

- Create a hammock seat between two trees or a swing

- Create a cabin

- Make a trouser belt

- Suspend a kettle over the fire

- Make a towline

- Create a pulley line

Conclusion :

The bracelet is ideal. It can be worn on a daily basis, you can sleep and shower with it (on a very thin wrist, we do better aesthetically, but that's not the goal, we agree).

With a little creativity, and a few yards of this rope, you can make almost anything yourself. Like a strap for your replica, a tactical vest with MOLLE pouches (good luck) and even a belt.

If you go to the Amazon, it is obvious that a bracelet will not be your only equipment. Especially if you plan to do like Mike Horn by swimming across the Amazon and eating the crocodiles that pass in your path. It is rather a minimum security that can get you out of a bad patch when you least expect it if you are helpless. At least you'll have that on your wrist!

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