Fair play in Airsoft: a fundamental notion

In Airsoft or in any sport, we always hear that you have to have a sportsmanship. It's called fair play. However, do you know the meaning of this term? What does that clearly mean?

Here's everything you need to know about fair play.


The concept of fair play already existed during the Ancient Greek Olympiads. Athletes were asked to recognize the dignity of their opponents in the event of defeat. In the Middle Ages, it became a code that includes the loyalty of participants in knightly tournaments. Then, the popularity of this concept spread to England and it became a sports practice which is based on the respect of written and unwritten rules.

Also, the founder of the Olympics, Pierre de Coubertin, associated the games with honor, loyalty, self-respect, and mutual respect. And it was in 1963 that the International Committee for Fair Play was founded. This organization offers each year, trophies for the players or the athletes who distinguished themselves during a meeting.


Based on the previous history, it is possible to qualify fair play as a commitment to respect your opponent, the rules of the game, the referee, the very spirit of the game and more. According to the terminology of this term, "fair" is equivalent to what is just, and "play" refers to fair play. Which means among other things a "fair game". This requires commitment on the part of the athletes. Today, it is almost impossible to play Airsoft without the application of these principles, under penalty of being excluded or having a bad reputation.


There are many rules to follow when you want to apply fair play in Airsoft. You will have to commit to keeping your dignity. How to proceed ?

By controlling your emotions, avoiding joule creep, adopting a spirit of cooperation, not judging those who have just started. You will also have to respect your opponents if you want to have sportsmanship. To respect the adversaries is to act with courtesy, to avoid any insult, to recognize the strong points and the weak points of the enemy team. You should never doubt his integrity. As in Airsoft, each type of sport has its own game rules. As a result, players and organizers must be informed about these regulations so that they can respect them correctly and without impartiality. It should be noted that the rules of the game are put in place not only for fun, but above all for the practice of a discipline.

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