Airsoft: 6 tips you shouldn't miss

Since the beginning of your Airsoft practice, you have surely gone through an intense learning phase on forums and YouTube videos, applying one or more tips at the same time in the field. But now, you notice that you have been stagnating for some time. Your balls don't always go where you want them to go, your movement is still too random, and your overall level of play often fluctuates.

Don't worry, you've come to the right place.

Here are the 6 fundamentals, to become more efficient in Airsoft.

1: Mental preparation

As in any sport, athletes prepare both mentally and physically. I would even say that the biggest part of their work comes down to that. It is for this reason that top athletes have mental coaches. Although you are not preparing for an international match, it is essential to have a strong mind. If you arrive on the field demoralized because you had drunk the day before, thinking that the team opposite is going to beat you up as usual, pass your reply directly to a teammate.

If you think about defeat, you can be sure that is what will happen to you!

Mental preparation is surely the most essential point when it comes to gaining performance. Take advantage of the few minutes of explanation at the start of the match to visualize the different situations you may face, and how to adapt to them to maximize your survival and victory.

2: Strategy

Strategy is part of mental preparation. You have to be a kind of robot, looking for the slightest flaws in your opponents, opportunities and tactical movement that you can use to make your team win. Do all of this before your game!

You don't have to look far for you to see the state of your first game against approved players: You will run in all directions, being spotted every time you move, and looking all around like a mad dog. .

A tip: Watch matches of professional CSGO players, and see how everything is precise and fluid.

Know that almost everything is strategy. Strategy is the biggest thought effort, but it's what will make you more successful. If you have a thoughtful strategy, clearly discuss your suggestions with your team, clearly explaining every detail. If someone on your team doesn't have a strategy, you might have to heal them first.

It is important to take into account that this is the information that will help you develop strategies during and for the next games. Which brings us to the 3rd point.

3: Information

For this third point, using your sensory factors every second is essential.

Information can cause an entire team to lose to one person. Not having the right information at the right time can literally turn a game into a nightmare. You must take as much information as possible from the first minute of the game, and share it if possible with your team via a walkie-talkie.

Look for the clues!

For example, smoke bombs are a great way to know an enemy's approximate location, or at least their perimeter. You will always have the advantage over the enemy if you know where they are hiding, or how soon they will arrive at a specific location and with how many allies.

Knowing every corner of the playing field also helps to calculate the average time of a move from point A to point B, or to imagine a tactical move towards a clue. The possibilities are limitless. Time is needed to develop all these logical reasonings, be patient with yourself.

4: Results

The results of our games can sometimes discourage us, from there to wanting to buy the latest replicas of the market to push us to believe that it will change the situation. It is not, although upgrades are essential to use the full potential of your replica.

If you don't have good results, don't focus on it negatively, but look for the cause. Neglecting this will only lower your initial level. Instead, seek advice from players who you consider more competent than you. Don't jump all over the place, spot problems that need to be solved, and don't move on to the next one until the previous ones are solved.

5: The team

To become more efficient in Airsoft, you have understood it. You have to surround yourself with good people, who push you to constantly improve yourself. Good harmony within a team and that's half the job done. Let's not forget that we play Airsoft to have fun first and foremost. Don't ruin your friendships because your friend tends to always shoot close. Help him if you can and improve each other. The sports teams marvelously respect team spirit and fair play.

6: Stuff

Sometimes victory is won with a simple action. Proper use of smokes, grenades, flashes, and the like usually secures you victory.

For what ?

Every second is precious, using stuff to bypass the enemy, take them by surprise or save time is not negligible. Smokes are a good example of this: There are enemies hidden in an entrance (they have the advantage over you), with your intuition, strategy and information, you can simply place one in their location. You can then gain ground by bypassing. Sometimes they won't even see you coming. There you go, your enemies had the advantage, and now you've ingeniously reversed the situation. This is where you come right behind an enemy, telling him at a short distance "you're out", disappointed, he goes back to the spawn and has absolutely no understanding of what has just happened.


Good things come to those who wait for. You must be armed with patience when it comes to improving yourself. This article allows you to take some shortcuts, but keep in mind that it takes time to assimilate all this information, and to apply it.

We hope you enjoyed this blog post!

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