Prepare your 24-hour ration for Airsoft

How to prepare your ration pack for a game of Airsoft?

What is also fun in Airsoft is the almost total freedom over the choice of equipment, clothing and even food. The food ration is the quantity and the nature of food that a person must consume in one day or more in order to meet the needs of his body. They are very well known in the military world and have spread, for example, in the world of hunting, fishing and Airsoft.

On the positive side, they are offered based on mission duration, calories, diet, country, etc. You save time and they are known to have a very long shelf life (several months, even several years for some).

But why do it yourself?

For two obvious reasons:

- You can actually scale it to your budget

- You can adapt it to your current diet.

All you have to do is plan a list to buy for your combat ration during your next races, according to the criteria that we are going to recommend to you. You obviously do not need a budget of 50€ to prepare your ration. 20€ can be more than enough even if you are greedy.

Prepare your ration:

1. Have a sufficient kcal/day rate:

If you practice Airsoft regularly, so if you are an active person, you will need to have a ration of about 2150 kcal for a whole day.

If you are really athletic, a 24-hour ration of 2500 kcal should suffice.

Be careful not to stuff yourself too much or you will spend the whole afternoon tired to digest.

Note that there is no hard and fast rule about calories. This can vary depending on your body type, height, daily calorie expenditure and many other factors. We offer acceptable averages. Then, we invite you to calculate the average number of calories you consume per day to reproduce it when designing your ration.

2. Foods to favor:

It's important to promote the right foods if you want to be effective all day and increase your chances of winning your team.

Lunch: Milk or coffee, Fruit juice, Fruits, Cakes

We advise you not to overeat in the morning, especially if you have a big OP in the hours that follow. It's time to fill up on sugar!

Starter: Crackers, Country pâté, Niçoise salad, Tuna

Crackers are an excellent accompaniment to pâté. They can also generally be kept longer than classic bread, while taking up little space. Tuna promotes the proper functioning of the immune, circulatory and hormonal system.

Dish: Cassoulet, Ratatouille, Lentils, Green Beans, Soup, etc.

To make your dish, buy small cans, preferably for 1 person. Provide a stove with utensils or a thermal pocket to cook everything and to take advantage of the heat they give off.

Do not hesitate to vary these foods or to make a mix. The importance is that you enjoy eating, instead of eating to eat.

Dessert: Biscuits, Yoghurts, Cereal bars, Cheese, Fruits, Oily fruits (almonds, walnuts, peanuts)

Dessert is the time when you can have fun, it's a way to recharge your carbohydrates and therefore your energy. Choose unprocessed or minimally processed foods, you will see the benefits over the long term.

Finally, always plan a little snack if someone has forgotten their ration, they will be very grateful to you :)

useful objects

Always plan to optimize the speed and ease of the actions you take. Add these items to your ration:

- 4 finger wash towels

- A small garbage bag

- A kit of utensils

- One or more Tupperware

- A metal gourd (to warm the contents if necessary)

- Camping chair

That's it, now you have enough to prepare a varied combat ration lasting 24 hours. Good luck !

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