Anecdotes and tips from Romain (Raptor Airsoft)

From yesterday to today, Airsoft remains a very popular discipline and continues to develop throughout the world. Since rules are often imposed on players in this period, we had the following idea: Ask volunteers on Instagram to create a blog post for SoftGun talking about their Airsoft anecdotes. The initial goal of this article is to create encounters, while showing that even with sanitary measures, knowledge and pleasure can be transmitted to thousands of people across France.

Romain, nicknamed "Raptor", volunteered. He will tell you his best part, the negative point that follows as well as his advice for beginners wishing to do MilSim and set up an RD setup!

Presentation :

"Passionate about American materials, combat travel and teamwork."

Best part (in the morning):

"It must be at the Aincourt Sanatorium, I played with members of the Bravo. To know, the sanatorium is a long building filled with rooms, corridors and balconies on 4 floors if I remember correctly (located in the middle of the forest). So basic but addictive game modes. I will now tell you about a VIP extraction round. The teams must be 20 against 20 more or less. The round begins and we are a squad of 5. We take the VIP with us and head for the roof, while the rest of our team tries to take the lower floors (the steps to the roof are exhausting).

The roof is a large totally uncovered area of ​​200m and width, I would say 8 meters no more. More than a few tango.. we walk until we have the necessary range to engage in combat. We decide to send several smoke bombs by committing (our prepared replicas had more range 😶😅 ) so we come out 2/3. And I had forgotten to say that there was a room for access to the stairs at each end of the roof.

We approach quickly and our jibou makes them lower their heads, so we arrive and we stick ourselves against the wall at the level of the window, where the last tango hold the position so without waiting we throw two grenades and we return 1 second later the impact of the grenades and let's take out the poor remaining guy who had survived the grenades. We take position at the top of the stairs (we then have a visual at the bottom of the steps and on the outside of the sanatorium). We await the rest of the team and the arrival of the VIP to keep him in sight and under our control.

And that's when it's going to get complicated.. we go out for tango by the dozen 🤯 . But you have to go down to the first floor, cross an airlock then arrive in the annex where the Devac point is located . We arrive without too much resistance on the first floor, we start crossing the airlock and that's when the shit starts 😭.

You should know that their Spawn is not very far away so it comes back quickly and it's a lot of people to manage. Meanwhile, he arrives by the bottom of the stairs, in the corridor behind us, without forgetting that there is a strong resistance in the annex (the complete mess). Good at this time we fight with courage, but good .. in turn we get out. So you have to go back and forth 400 meters then go up a floor each time (I forgot to say that if the VIP gets a baby we lose). For 20 minutes, the game hangs like this with the same respawn routine, running, going back and forth (severe cardio
😨😭 ).

After a while, the situation is unblocked: large smoke bombs and grenades are sent. At this time there must remain 3 tango in the appendix. My teammates try everything for everything, and decide to move forward, even if it means getting out. On the 10 minutes before the end of the game, I protect the VIP stuck to me which means that I do not participate in the elimination of the last tango of the annex. Once the zone is clear, I receive on my radio the sentence that would put an end to our ordeal and the confirmation that we can extract the hostage. A smoke bomb in the direction of the entrance to the airlock, I grab the VIP by the jacket and I tell him that if he wants to see his family, that he must run without looking back and listen carefully to what I tell him to do 🤣😄. Heroic moment but hey we only ran 20 meters and he was extracted ^^.

The whistle sounds, we won the round (yahouuuu).

The negative point :

But the afternoon was the worst part for me: the players opposite had, without bragging, less efficient replies as well as a much lower level of play and team. We had started to get a little fed up (which is understandable ) and therefore the games were much less interesting.

Little tips for doing MilSim and setting up an RD set up:

  • Get well informed about the base you are interested in
  • Chat with people who have your dream outfit
  • To ask for advice
  • Watch blog posts on this topic
  • Watch realistic war movies at the highest level

Ending pictures:

We would like to thank Romain for writing this wonderful enriching article (with spelling mistakes) but we don't judge! Do not hesitate to support him on Instagram, he does a great job with his photographer: @_raptor_airsoft

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