How to equip yourself for Winter in Airsoft

How to equip yourself for Winter in Airsoft

Winter can become a real ordeal for Airsoft practitioners. Not equipping yourself well for the weather can reduce your chances of winning a game, this is even more true in winter. Where the superficial cells which are no longer maintained at 37°C function less well, until they die. This can form redness and body water can accumulate under the skin, forming a blister .

Luckily for you, we've created this article so that never happens. If you apply each of our methods, your chances of winning will increase.

1: Choose a fabric:

There are 3 main effective fabrics for Winter:

The SoftShell:

Softshell clothing is excellent allies against small bad weather. Made up of one or more layers depending on the manufacturing process, the softshell fabric resists rain and wind while remaining functional.

The polar:

Everyone knows the fleece fabric, but do you know what its properties are? Made from synthetic fibers and in particular Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), the fleece is extremely warm and insulating. We also appreciate it for its lightness and comfort: worn alone as a jacket or under a windbreaker, fleece fabric is perfect for winter sports or for professional outdoor activities.

The RipStop:

It is not a typical winter fabric, but it is often used in the design of outdoor and/or work clothing, in particular jackets and trousers. Its strong point is undoubtedly its durability: "to rip" means to tear, and "to stop" to stop. Thanks to its reinforced fibers, the Ripstop is able to limit the impact of a tear or a tear. On the other hand, combined with a fleece lining, this technical fabric is ideal for people who often work or play sports outside in cold weather.

2: Areas to be protected:

Do not forget that there are parts of the body more exposed to the cold than others, such as: the nose, the ears, the lips, the hands, the neck. When it's cold, blood circulation concentrates on the vital organs. Blood vessels constrict to limit heat loss to the outside, causing all extremities to become cold and dry. This explains why we are more easily cold in certain places.

3: Choose your outfit:

Now that you have all this information, you need to know what to wear, depending on the temperature, the wind, or how you feel.

Here is the list of items to favor in winter temperatures.

- Gloves / under gloves

- Balaclava or Beanie

- Shemagh or neck warmer

- Sleeves

- Jacket

- Fleece

- Sweatshirt

- Poncho

4: Change boots at least once every 3 years.

The boots, like all equipment also have an end, we recommend that you do not practice Airsoft with damaged boots even if it is more realistic. You risk significantly reducing the waterproofness of your boots and allowing the cold or water to penetrate more easily.

5: Apply these methods

Knowledge is not enough without execution. We have made available a "special winter" collection to overcome the cold effectively. You will have all the articles stated above by clicking here .

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